Magento 2 and D2C in 2021

We live in strange times. The growth of eCommerce has gone from meteoric to something beyond astounding. The signs were already there. The high street in a large part hasn’t adapted well to the advent of digital. There has been a general misunderstanding of the relationship with the customer. That provides the opportunity for brands to develop a much closer relationship with the consumer. With that relationship in place, you can make sure that you deliver what that customer wants whether it be product or brand position. Chase the relationship. If that relationship is strong, why would that consumer buy directly from you?

Lockdown has accelerated the drive to eCommerce with perhaps 30% of consumer transactions in the USA being driven online and some analysts suggesting that by the time we exit this strange existence, as much as 50% of consumer transactions will be via eCommerce. 50%. The questions that develop from there are obvious.

  • If you are primarily bricks and mortar, how will you maintain market share?
  • If you are at least bricks and clicks, how much market share can you take?

As if that were not sufficient, we also have the complexity of trading with our European neighbours’ post-Customs Union exit. Tax is difficult.

A Magento Meetup

Much as we love our real-world Magento Meetups, that’s simply not feasible right now so we are delighted to deliver an evening Virtual Magento Meetup so you can kick back and engage with some knowledge sharing. We’re hoping to keep talking “with” as opposed to talking “at”.

We’re delighted to have the support of Magento themselves in delivering this direct 2 consumer webinar Meetup. The format will be fast and furious with 4 or 5 15 minute presentations and a free for all panel.

The D2C Speakers:

We have Jason Ford, Senior Solution Consultant, for Adobe who will be talking about Practical and Effective Tips to go D2C in 2021

Our very own Sam Rutley will discuss rapid deployment brand Magento Storefronts for D2C

Addressing the knotty problem of automating tax in Magento for brands trading into Europe, we have Colin Stansbury, Strategic Alliances Manager for Avalara.

And at the time of writing, we are also hoping to have a session from Adyen and another session from Yotpo.

And as we would normally spend money on drinks and Pizza, we’re going to put some cash into a charity chosen by the audience. We’ll pick someone to nominate a charity at the end of the session.

We hope you will find this useful. You can sign up for the event here