Over the coming weeks, our partners will be detailing how their eCommerce extension can help you streamline your D2C process. This week Rachel Tonner, Senior Global Marketing Manager at Klevu, provides insight into the positive impact of personalising the consumer experience.

The D2C market is enjoying rapid growth. With double-digit rates for several years, it is expected to experience a further 19.2% growth in 2021.

As you’d expect from a model that places customer experience at the heart of its mission, people are increasingly falling in love with shopping with D2C brands. Diffusion’s 2020 Direct-to-Consumer Purchase Intent index reported that 25% of all American shoppers make D2C purchases a regular part of their shopping. A small (but significant) 3% of respondents said they expected to be making almost all of their purchases with D2C brands in the coming years.

As far as demographics go, direct-to-consumer customers are exemplified by a younger, more affluent, and digitally native audience, but interest reaches shoppers in all age brackets, with 9% of D2C customers aged over 65.

The Personal Touch

The key to this level of growth and broad appeal? D2C’s secret sauce lies in customer experience (CX) – the careful curation of CX that ensures each and every customer feels recognised, well served and generally “good” about shopping with a brand that is relatable, attentive and closely aligned with their own outlook and values.

How has this epic CX success evolved and developed over time? Experience and a growing knowledge of their audience is certainly an underpinning factor, but brands have also become better at leveraging third-party solutions, lying just below the surface of their amazing shopping experiences, to create hyper-personal and relevant interactions that appear effortless.

How Does Klevu Supercharge Product Discovery for D2C?

Klevu Background

At Klevu, we believe that every retailer should be able to compete with Amazon – and win. That AI innovation isn’t the privilege of the chosen few, and that good technology doesn’t need to be complicated or break the bank.

We believe that the best way to personalise website experiences is by using the most relevant customer intent data, from search, to fuel your conversion engine.

We believe that the best customer experiences are magnetic. Too many vendors on a website cloud attribution make seamless journeys impossible.

What is Klevu?

Klevu is an Adobe Commerce, Shopify, BigCommerce and Salesforce-compatible app that powers search for over 3,000 merchants worldwide. Klevu’s proprietary product discovery technology drives traffic, conversion and loyalty for ecommerce websites, while reducing bounce rates. It is easy to configure, optimise and maintain and fully integrates with major ecommerce platforms in just hours.

Klevu’s product discovery suite is custom-storefronts compatible, and includes AI-powered on-site advanced Search, Smart Category Merchandising, Smart Recommendations and a Personalisation Engine, all powered by real-time buyer intent.

Some notable brands that use Klevu are: DOMU Brands, Made.com, Toys ‘R’ Us, ME + EM, and Agent Provocateur

Klevu has helped merchants power their search:

  • Increase conversion from search by 6x,
  • Increase AOV by 6% via search and
  • Increase site-wide ecommerce conversion by 15%.

How can Klevu Support your business?

Klevu Smart Search:

Klevu Smart Search is a powerful and extensible ecommerce search solution that delivers search results based on shopper intentions and behavior, in real-time. Klevu is a self-learning technology that boasts world class AI encompassing leading edge Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Klevu goes beyond AI for retail by empowering retailers to strike a great balance of AI and strategic business control.

Smart Category Merchandising:

Smart Category Merchandising is a holistic tool that intuitively combines rich insights from site-wide search, navigation, purchases and the customer’s current session with strategic business goals. The results? A hyper-relevant discovery experience for customers and a nice boost in performance for ecommerce websites.

Smart Recommendations:

Klevu Smart Recommendations is the only product recommendations tool that is powered by true shopper intent, from search. Say goodbye to generic recommendations and theoretical segmentation, and hello to Klevu AI product recommendations that display hyper-relevant product recommendations from day one out-of-the-box, improving further with each click, search query and purchase.

Personalisation engine:

Klevu AI eCommerce Personalisation Engine utilizes all Klevu AI algorithms with an added layer of personalisation, helping shoppers to notice just the thing they are looking for. Like magic, it allows merchants to provide personalised experiences to new or returning shoppers without complicated segments or manual processes.

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