Over the coming weeks, our partners will be detailing how their Adobe Commerce integrations and extensions can help you streamline your D2C process. This week Serena Bury, Partner Marketing Manager at Pimberly, explains how manufacturers can take back control of their products and the overall customer experience!

It’s no secret that Covid-19 pushed more and more consumers to shop online, which led to a rise in the number of manufacturers adopting a direct-to-consumer strategy out of necessity. Person buy from D2C websiteAt the height of national lockdown, £1 in every £3 was being spent online – a 50% increase on the year before. The pandemic led to logistical problems, such as bottlenecks in supplier chains and lack of manpower. As a result, more and more manufacturers are now reconsidering their routes to market.

A digital strategy offers significant advantages for businesses that previously relied on bricks and mortar stores. Cutting out the middleman and selling directly to the consumer significantly reduces your time to market, allows agility in product releases, and gives control over your product data. Brands will have direct access to the best-performing products and can adapt their product range or promotions to maximise sales.

Selling directly to the consumer also gives manufacturers the power to control the customer experience, driving brand loyalty and increasing revenue. Recent research from IMRG states over 50% of consumers prefer to research products directly with the manufacturer. Consumers connect to brands they feel they can trust, and quality product information is a prime way to give customers total confidence. 

Before expanding to D2C, suppliers and retailers were the ones responsible for displaying the manufacturers’ product information. This can sometimes mean customers are provided with incorrect or incomplete product data. By taking back control of how their products are displayed, manufacturers can ensure this is never the case. It also gives them the opportunity to inject their own brand tone of voice into product descriptions.

Pimberly & the D2C journey

The benefits and opportunities of taking your business D2C are clear. However, it can be daunting when trying to navigate the different technologies needed to make the most of this route to market. One vital element of opening new sales channels is having full visibility over product data and the product lifecycle. If products are managed across multiple, disparate systems, it can be a challenge to get them out to market quickly.

Browsing product information onlinePimberly is a SaaS PIM/DAM platform that provides a central source of truth for all product data. With powerful automation and an intuitive interface, it gives manufacturers greater control over their products and seamlessly integrates with Adobe Commerce. No more spreadsheets and duplicated product information – instead, easily accessible products in one place.

Another consideration when moving to D2C is the different approach needed towards product enrichment. Consumers need in-depth product details and quality digital assets. Brands that do well with D2C know how to tailor and scope these details to their customer needs. 

This is where Pimberly excels. Offering unlimited capacity for product attributions, powerful localisation, and scoping tools, Pimberly enables manufacturers to create personalised and detailed product information. 

With an integrated DAM, Pimberly can also hold and relate all kinds of digital assets, such as images, videos, PDFs, sizing charts, and product datasheets. This will drive increased conversions, decrease return rates, and improve SEO to ensure online success.

Agility and scalability of the technologies employed for a D2C strategy should be front of mind. Manufacturers will likely need to invest in more than one new platform, so connectivity potential is vital. Pimberly’s powerful integrations enable manufacturers to connect to unlimited internal and external data sources and publish real-time updates.

Pimberly is an ideal platform that will take your D2C strategy to the next level. Here’s how we’ve helped J Rosenthal to ‘see the light in their eCommerce growth strategy’.

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