Every business is feeling the impact of the current global issues we’re facing, and as we all know it is extremely important that we are all here to support one another through this difficult time.

More specifically, one of the reasons businesses are feeling the impact of this pandemic is due to social distancing. Events or exhibitions that you might have planned on hosting or attending have probably been cancelled, and the commercial impact of this is the loss of potential leads.

Recently, our Paid Media team have been discussing how a strong paid media strategy can support those affected by this to mitigate and alleviate any lost lead volume.

This blog will discuss our top tips for using paid media to support you through these uncertain times.

Luckily, we live in a world where everybody can be reached via digital. Whether that is via Pay Per Click; Google Shopping, Search or on Paid Social; there are numerous touchpoints you can use to engage with your target audience.

The marketing channel(s) you decide to use – if not all of them – will depend on your offering.


If you sell products and have a website, shopping ads would be strongly recommended. To run shopping ads, you will need a product feed ideally set up in Google Merchant Centre, however, to give an overview of what is achievable via shopping ads:

  • Push best performing products
  • Allocate budget depending on which products you want to focus on
  • Able to set up campaigns to target users at different stages of the conversion funnel
  • Re-target to those who have viewed a specific page or abandoned basket for example. Re-targeting is also useful to build up loyal customers


If you’re a B2B organisation, search ads are proven to be effective in this area. For example, if you are a computer software company and feel that your target audience requires certain software – especially with numerous people now working from home – you can create a targeted campaign for this software by bidding on specific keywords that you know your target audience will be searching for (this will trigger your ads to show).

Additionally, you can engage with your target audience through ad-copy, as well as control your brand’s tone of voice.

Of course, there is a lot of keyword research that goes into this to ensure you’re bidding on the correct search terms. Even so, if you know part of your offering will work best during these times – it is best to focus and allocate your budget on this.

eCommerce & B2B

Paid or organic search is also a great way to reach your target audience, especially now where social media platforms will be used more than ever. Like search ads, you’re able to tailor ad-copy that best suits your brand’s tone of voice as well as push best-performing products/services. You can also use a piece of tracking code called a Facebook Pixel to retarget people who have visited your website and carried out particular actions like visiting certain pages or downloaded a specific piece of content.

The one thing to bear in mind with paid / organic social is imagery. High-quality imagery is needed for a successful social media campaign as visuals engage people the most.

Another key marketing activity now is content. Our paid media team insist that producing relevant/informative content to help your target audience through this difficult time is crucial and by doing this, it will help with brand loyalty. So, in the future, when somebody is searching for a product or service you sell, your brand will be the first come to mind.

Ultimately, it’s deciding which online marketing channel works best for your business and dedicating budget to what you believe will work well along with reviewing data on your products/services and letting that data inform your next decisions.

Keep safe everyone.

If you’d like any further advice or support during this time, email us at hello@pushon.co.uk or speak with a member of our team on 0161 820 7628.