eCommerce in Edinburgh

It’s something we’ve worked on for quite a while, but we are absolutely delighted to announce that we have opened an office in Scotland in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. This is part of a systematic expansion of PushON and our offering. Scotland is ideally positioned for significant eCommerce growth and as one of only two Magento solution partners in the country, we are ideally positioned to support that growth. We will be useful. We will lead by helping grow the eCommerce eco system as we have in Manchester. That will mean we will facilitate knowledge and resource sharing which will of course lead to jobs.

Alex Hogan, PushON’s Head of Marketing has upped sticks and moved to Edinburgh to lead the operation. Which is not as dramatic a move as you might anticipate as Edinburgh is the city of his youth. Quite a brilliant marketer and leader, he will bring great value to the City.

Who is in eCommerce?

Of course, we want to do business, but our culture is to be useful in the first instance. Who should we know? What networks should we engage with? Which colleges and Universities would benefit from our help? If you would like to speak to us, don’t be shy. And if you have skills in eCommerce, marketing and in particular Magento development, we are growing rapidly and we’d like to hear from you.

Are you Magento 2 (Too)?

We’d love to get know people in the Magento eco system in Edinburgh. Whether you are agency, freelance or client side. We have lots we like to share.

As an example of what we do, perhaps join us for our Virtual Magento Meetup where we have Magento speaking as well as ourselves and several others. We’re talking D2C.