Multi-channel marketing isn’t a new technique, but it’s a method that is often neglected.

There are many benefits to incorporating a multi-channel approach to a marketing strategy. By ensuring all channels are working in sync from content marketing and SEO to PPC, social media and email marketing, a multi-channel approach can achieve business KPI’s while steering the gap between competitors.

So what is multi-channel marketing?

What is Multi-Channel Marketing?

The multi-channel approach merges the different marketing methods from organic search to content marketing campaigns, PR, PPC ads, social media, email campaigns and video marketing, to enhance the promotion of your business.

While you don’t have to use every marketing channel in the book, incorporating some channels, such as SEO, content marketing and Paid Media will have a significant impact on objectives and overall performance online.

Multi-channel marketing is particularly valuable for eCommerce businesses and capturing a broader audience who are at different stages of their buyer journey. For example, you can target consumers who at the first stage of browsing online through PPC ads or an organic search listing. You can target users who are further down the funnel and know what they’re looking for but require more research via long-tail search queries. Or you can retarget consumers that have made a purchase within the last 30 days, encouraging them to buy again while building customer loyalty.

Multi-Channel Marketing Benefits

If you’re an online business that focuses on single channels, i.e. PPC ads, imagine the benefits and power your business could experience using a multi-channel approach.

The world can be your oyster when incorporating a multi-channel marketing strategy into your business. The dynamics of consumer behaviour has changed and continues to do with the settlement of COVID-19. Therefore, they must be offered a choice with how they engage with your brand. By doing this, you’re giving your target audience options on how to spend while further enhancing brand awareness and trust.

As mentioned, one of the most significant benefits to multi-channel marketing is widening the target audience net. You’re not limited to targeting a set of consumers through one channel, which means as a business, you’re opening up new opportunities and reaching out to people who you may not have considered to be a primary customer. Of course, casting the net further, increases website traffic, conversions, and sales. Plus, you’ll gather more data about your customer to help you market them better by understanding their needs, desires, and behaviour.

It’s 2020 and consumers are everywhere, so you need to find them. With this in mind, it also means they’re more likely to spend through multi-channel than single-channel. It’s also worth noting that due to the availability online and change in search and shopping behaviour, consumers have more control over the buying process, so marketers need to be smarter.

Remember, you need to create noise to be heard and the more tactical you are about it, the better.

Multi-Channel Reporting

How do you efficiently report on a multi-channel approach? Reporting needs to be smarter, clearer, and more valuable.

PushON uses a See Think Do Care reporting method for multi-channel marketing. This helps us, and you understand how to effectively target your audience during the different stages of their buyer journey. It also helps us define a reporting method that captures a multitude of data, but it also means marketers can segment the data to identify opportunities and areas of improvement more effectively. It also provides us with valuable information on where your audience is primarily sat on the funnel and how we can capitalise on this using the various marketing channels.

Get more information about See Think Do Care and how it can sustain customer loyalty.

Multi-channel marketing is powerful and can open up a window of opportunities for businesses while increasing profit margins and visibility online.

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