In this time of crisis, we must double down and work smart. Businesses need to work harder than ever to ensure that our staff, our customers, and the general public are looked after.

While some businesses have stood back, others have understood that if you do not tell potential customers about who you are and what you do, they cannot buy from you. These strange times have demanded that businesses be agile.

Unfortunately, there will be businesses that are unable to provide a need for the public during this time.

PushON worked with our clients in the early stages when it became apparent that there would be a seismic change in how consumer purchase behaviour has shifted and continuing to do so, from shopping online to understanding what they want. This was also a change with no precedent, no patterns, or historical data to work with when it came to tactical decision making.

As a team, we needed to think outside the box, as well as maintain good practice techniques, including regular trawls through analytics and an eagle eye on search trends. These methods helped us move quickly to support our clients by providing insightful and meaningful data that will help inform practical business decisions. The results to date have been tremendous.

PushON has helped clients get the right products and services in front of existing and new customers at the right time.

The following four graphs show the phenomenal growth in traffic to our clients’ websites – traffic that converts into sales.

March 08 2020 – April 18 2020

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