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Business intelligence is an essential way to understand data and consumer behaviour. But it is how we interpret and use it, that makes a significant difference in how your business functions and performs online.

Businesses collect data. Industry leaders advocate data collection. Unfortunately, there are still too many companies who ignore the data provided to enhance business opportunities, which, as a result, can slow down sales, ROI and overall KPIs.

PushON specialises in business intelligence, and we have experienced BI consultants who can help you wade through the data quagmire and grow your business using data intelligently.

Business Intelligence Consultancy and Strategy

PushON’s business intelligence consultants will sit down with you and the wider team to gain an understanding of the current sources of data held within the business. The most frequently utilised data sources include CRM, analytics, and various marketing channels within SEO, paid media, and social media. However, we understand that there are other data sources that your business might be currently using, which our team will be able to digest to provide you with valuable information to help inform a strategy.

Mapping the data and linking it together allows our business intelligence consultants to achieve an aerial view of the data landscape.

To successfully define a business intelligence strategy, we first need to understand what information is most valuable and useful to you as a business. What are your KPIs and objectives? What gaps are there to overcome? What challenges do you face?

Once we have a clear overview of your business needs and direction, we can develop a tailored and definitive business intelligence strategy. This will identify what tools and systems need to be put in place (and often integrated) to provide the information you need, in the format you want and when you want it.

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eCommerce Business Intelligence Tools

PushON is an eCommerce agency and our primary focus is on developing and understanding business intelligence for eCommerce platforms. This covers a variety of tools, including Magento Business Intelligence, Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Data Studio and Facebook Business Manager. However, we have the skillset to apply these tools to non-eCommerce businesses in various industries.

When data requires integration between various systems, we plug in our development team, who are well versed in the use of API’s (application programming interfaces) and EDI’s (electronic data interfaces).

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Business Intelligence Reporting

When it comes to reporting, PushON will develop a bespoke report that best suits your business, providing you with data that you and your stakeholders want to see. Depending on your objectives, our business intelligence consultants can deliver reporting in various formats. For day-to-day measurement, we can report through tools including Magento Business Intelligence, Adobe Analytics or Google Data Studio. These tools allow us to create individual dashboards to permit stakeholders to obtain information specifically for their role within the business.

Many businesses require analysis of data on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and often, a yearly basis, to provide additional insight that standard reporting tools cannot offer, or unable to provide valuable metrics. PushON’s business intelligence consultants can provide this information and will pull out any interesting findings. They will report back in a format that suits you, whether that be a written report or a presentation to your board.

Business intelligence can seem daunting, but with our consultancy services and ongoing support, you will understand how to transcribe the data effectively and how to use this information to make informed business decisions.

For more information about business intelligence, please speak with one of our experienced consultants today on 0161 820 7628 or send us an email to sales@pushon.co.uk.


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