Breadcrumbs are a design and navigation tool that shows the path to let a user know where they are on the website. Usually, these appear at the top of the page, underneath the menu.

Breadcrumbs can be incredibly useful by improving the navigation of your website and increasing the findability of pages (for both users and bots like Google!).

They tend to come in two forms:

  1. Using the same subfolder system of your content similarly to how files and documents work. A URL like /clothes/shirts/black-shirt might appear as “Home > Shop Clothes > Shop Shirts > Black Shirt” in the breadcrumbs. The PushON site’s breadcrumbs work like this – click around to see it in action!An example of breadcrumbs used in website design, with text reading "Home / Marketing / Organic Search / Technical SEO".
  2. Alternatively, some sites show the user’s route through the website in the crumbs instead. If a user had navigated from the homepage to the blog and then clicked on a link in an article that led to a product, the breadcrumbs may appear as “Home > Inspiration > 5 Looks for Winter > Black Coat”. This style is far less common than the first.