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Magento Commerce includes a B2B suite to enable business-to-business eCommerce functionality. Our Certified Magento Solution Specialists are experienced in completing business transformation projects and can help guide your B2B business into the world of eCommerce or help you migrate to a Magento platform.

Magento Commerce B2B

Magento has long been known as a stalwart B2C eCommerce platform, however with the introduction of Magento 2 in 2015, and the subsequent B2B suite, Magento Commerce now has a solid reputation as a B2B eCommerce platform.

The B2B feature set comprises company accounts, price lists, shared catalogues, quotes, requisition lists and more. Alongside this all the core Magento Commerce functionality is available; page builder, visual merchandiser and content staging are all included. With Magento Commerce it’s possible to run both B2C and B2B from the same installation, reducing administration and overheads, as well as creating cost efficiencies.

Features of Magento Commerce B2B Suite

  • Company Accounts
  • Price Lists
  • Quotes
  • Requisition Lists
  • Shared Catalogues

B2B eCommerce

Key drivers for moving into B2B eCommerce from a business perspective include; creating a frictionless purchase, reducing overheads, increasing revenue and entering new markets to drive growth. B2B buyers are, in their personal lives, B2C consumers, and therefore expect the same simplified experience from business-to-business websites, they get from all consumer-facing websites. Even in B2B, research shows that 71% of purchases start from a search engine and 75% of business-to-business decision-makers use social media to influence their purchasing decision. Offering live chat, alongside the ability to access accounts and order 24/7 are just a few of the reasons to move your B2B business online.

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Get in touch using the form below or call 0161 820 7628 to discuss your business-to-business requirements. Our Magento Solution Specialists are trained in Magento B2B and are more than happy to run you through a demo of the software.

Magento B2B Features

Magento Commerce has a rich feature set that makes it the ideal platform for B2B eCommerce stores and enables the store owner to manage company accounts and set up multiple buying groups with tailored roles and permissions. You’ll be able to create and track quotes as well as track detailed order history and manage customer credit lines reducing admin burden on back-office staff.


An Efficient B2B Ordering Process

Magento has a fast, fluid and frictionless order process with a range of purchase options. Customers can place orders via uploaded CSVs, enter SKUs direct and can choose to order from requisition lists. For customers that require support, your sales team can create orders on behalf of your customers and can use the available quote management tools to respond quickly to quote requests.

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Taking Payments

Receiving payment is essential to any business and B2B eCommerce is no different. Magento Commerce supports a wide range of payment methods that make it perfect for your B2B needs. The platform allows payment on account, all major credit cards and various alternative and popular payment methods such as PayPal.


A multi-device experience B2B customers have so far been deprived of…

B2B customers use multiple devices just like B2C customer and a Magento Commerce website ensures they get an optimised experience regardless of device type. End users and your sales team can place orders at any time, on any device and experience a mobile optimised experience. The same feature-rich merchandising, content management and promotional capabilities that have been tested thoroughly on B2C audiences are available to use for your B2B audience ensuring your brand and product offering stands out from the crowd.

What does B2B mean?

B2B is a shorthand term used to describe ‘Business to Business’ services and transactions as opposed to B2C which is a shorthand term used to describe ‘Business to Consumer’.

What is Magento Commerce for B2B?

Magento Commerce for B2B is a paid module that enhances the standard Magento Commerce platform for B2B customers.

Is Magento Commerce for B2B available for Magento Community (open source)?

No, the B2B module is only available for Magento Commerce and Magento Commerce Cloud customers.

How much does Magento Commerce for B2B cost?

The cost of Magento Commerce for B2B varies depending on a range of factors and is only available on application. The development costs for B2B stores are similar to any B2C store though with the core platform being the same.

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