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Multi-channel marketing is an effective way to promote your business and offerings through various mediums such as PPC ads, organic search listings, social media, video marketing and email campaigns.

Multi-Channel Marketing Benefits

Multi-channel marketing has a plethora of benefits. With the rapid change in dynamics with how consumers search and buy online, you must provide them with the choice and opportunity to spend.

Using various marketing channels to promote your products and services provides a greater audience reach online and creates more noise while increasing conversion rates. It also offers consumers a choice in how they want to engage with your brand, whether that’s through a Facebook ad or organic search results.

Consumers are no longer browsing on one channel; they are everywhere. This means they are most likely to spend more through multi-channel, compared to a single-channel marketing strategy. The shift in consumer behaviour means they have more control of the buying process. Therefore, how marketers target consumers through various stages in the attribution funnel needs to be smarter.

Multi-channel marketing is an excellent way to obtain and analyse data, helping you to make informed decisions and understand consumer behaviour online, including on your website.

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Multi-Channel Strategy

Due to the choice available online and how consumers search, a multi-channel strategy is essential. Promoting your products through different marketing channels is beneficial, but for it to be successful the messaging and offerings must be in sync.

PushON’s organic search and paid media team work in unison to ensure that multi-channel marketing campaigns are choreographed to achieve the best possible results. It’s essential to reach out to audiences through various touch-points in their journey to ensure your message is being received, improving the chances of conversion. By connecting the different marketing channels, it also makes your brand more trustworthy, which again will turn users searching online into a paying, loyal customer.

By incorporating the different marketing channels into your strategy, it allows us to fully understand where your consumers are and where we should be focusing our efforts.

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