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Bespoke Technical SEO Consultancy

The world of marketing is ever-changing, however when it comes to optimising your website for search engines, certain factors remain a constant. Page speed, accessibility, website architecture and optimised content are just a few pieces of the puzzle that do not change.

Technical SEO takes optimising websites to the next level, effectively looking behind the curtain of a website to identify issues and implement fixes in order to improve the overall optimisation of a website.

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Extensive, Actionable Website Audits

The audits our SEO team deliver are centered around providing actionable outcomes for either your internal resource or our team to action. Each issue is given a recommended resolution and ranked by what our team considers to be a priority. Whilst every audit is different, points we consider as priorities for analysis include (but are not limited to):

  • Page Speed Analysis (Desktop & Mobile)
  • Sitemaps & URL Indexing
  • Content Development
  • Top-Level Backlink Analysis

Ultimately, our audits are created with an actionable delivery in mind. Our team listens to the needs of your business, and whether you’ve been hit by a Google Penalty or simply want to gain a deeper insight into how your website is performing from a technical perspective, we can provide the insight and resolutions to take your site to the next level.

Website Migration Assistance

Whether you’re replatforming from WordPress to Magento, or need to migrate from M1 to M2, technical SEO has to be a part of the migration strategy. Our team provides migration recovery services for companies who have relied on agencies to migrate their website, only to neglect SEO and see rankings suffer instantly as a result. We understand what the price to pay is for a poor migration strategy, particularly when it comes to SEO.

Our technical SEO experts assist with on-page SEO, pre-launch checks, redirect mapping and post-launch analysis to ensure your site is ready for launch, with no issues that could cause an SEO catastrophe once the new site goes live.

Want to discuss a bespoke technical SEO audit for your site? Perhaps you’re in need of migration assistance from a team that understands just how important SEO is as part of a website build? Get in touch with the team today to discuss your needs further.


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Not Just a Technical SEO Checklist

A solid technical SEO checklist is a good thing, but if all you’re doing each month is checking off that the basics are correct then you’re not going to achieve your marketing goals.

We’ve developed two extremely comprehensive and detailed technical SEO checklists over the years which we’ve shared for your use. You can read our ‘Ultimate eCommerce checklist’, which provides a great checklist of both pre and post-launch technical SEO activities to consider and action. Our ‘Magento 2 SEO Setup Guide’, is an extremely detailed SEO checklist for Magento 2 store owners to use as a guide to ensure their Magento 2 site is optimised for success.

Whilst we agree a good technical SEO checklist can provide a good starting place for routine health checks, a more comprehensive and tailored technical SEO strategy is ultimately required for your site to reach its full potential.

Talk to the team at PushON today to discuss a fully tailored SEO strategy for your eCommerce store.

Technical SEO Specialists

With over 14 years technical SEO experience, we pride ourselves in being known as one of the best technical SEO agencies in Manchester. Good technical SEO has and will always be, one of the fundamental building blocks to a successful website.

Our developers are trained in the basics of technical SEO, our marketing team have a great solid understanding of all technical SEO principles, and our technical SEOs? Well, they’re amongst the best technical SEOs you’ll find in the country.

We have won multiple national and international awards for our SEO work over the last 14 years and are ready, able and willing to take on whatever technical SEO challenge you might have. Call us today to discuss your technical SEO needs.


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