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Display advertising is an excellent way to generate brand awareness and encourage consumers to interact with your brand across Google, Bing and Amazon. As this platform is extremely visual, it’s crucial for your ad creative to be as visually pleasing as it can be to grab your target audience’s attention straight away. Our paid media experts can work with you to create eye-catching imagery and creative with our in-house design team to reflect your brand and have a clear call-to-action. Additionally, our team will continue to test your display marketing ads to drive the highest level of traffic.

How Does Display Advertising Work?

Responsive display ads allow businesses to place their messages on popular websites next to content that your potential customers are likely to be interested in. This alignment increases the chance of exposure, traffic, and sales. When a campaign is executed correctly, the potential audience can be huge. If combined with accurate targeting methods, a focused campaign will appear to a particular, highly relevant audience. Users can customise their ads to include banners, text, images, and video.

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What are the Benefits of Display Advertising?

  • Relevant – target websites that have specific keywords in their written content.
  • Consumer targeting – find customers using their recent search and web browsing information.
  • Demographics – display to audiences based on their age, gender, or location.
  • Mobile apps – reach specific app users.
  • Remarketing – contact users who have previously interacted with your brand.
  • Social Ads – visit our paid social section.

Our tried and tested approach has provided our clients with excellent results consistently. We start by stating clear objectives, whether that’s exposure, traffic, conversions, or a combination of all three. From here, we devise a strategy that gives us the best chance of achieving the KPI’s (key performance indicators) that have been set.

Our paid media team then begin work on bringing the campaign to life using industry techniques. After each campaign ends, we analyse the results to see how we can improve before the next ads go out. This process of optimisation increases the chances of success with every step and makes your investment go further each time.

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