Join us on Wednesday 21st April at 5 pm.

As we emerge from these challenging times in life and business, some lessons have been learned. What doesn’t break us, makes us stronger. That is certainly true in eCommerce.

For many businesses, a transformation that might have taken 3 to 5 years has been delivered in less than a year. There was, if not a decline in the High Street, certainly a sea change already underway with the pandemic causing the High Street to nearly close. This brought a stark reality into clear focus for many businesses.

If there are no shops, how do we sell our products?

Many manufacturers simply had no facility in place to reach their customers and having a website in place was just not enough. Things like the expectations of how a customer will be serviced and how they will engage with a brand need to accounted for.

However, the drinks industry was hit with a double whammy. Pubs and bars were shut. Shops had limited footfall. Beer was brewed with no means by which it could reach its willing consumer. Even with government support, both independent bars and chains were at risk.

What could be done?

Innovation came to the rescue. Local deliveries of “fresh beer” off the taps sprang up, cocktail making classes via Zoom proliferated, and brands went Direct-to-Consumer – the hottest phrase in eCommerce right now.

PushON, in collaboration with CX Collective, is delivering a free Edinburgh virtual event. It’s a start for us in contributing to the Edinburgh!

We’re going to talk about lessons learned in D2C: What was the scale of the problem? What mechanisms do we put in place to reach customers for both, product and branding purposes? Lastly, what does the bright new future of D2C look like?

We shall be Toasting eCommerce Success at 5 pm on Wednesday 21st April 2021. It’s a round table format with an opportunity to take questions in advance. Find out how you can make your business better with the help of our expert lineup.


Cath Murphy – Global Head of Digital for Edrington

Mike McGrail – Head of Content at Wemyss Family Spirits

Ian Daniels – Strategy Director for CX Collective

Alex Hogan – Head of Marketing at PushON

And of course, the compere will be me, Simon Wharton, Business Strategy Director at PushON.

We look forward to seeing you there, (virtually)!

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