Despite it being a bitterly cold night, just before Storm Arwen struck, we managed to successfully launch the actual In Real Life eCommerce meetup in Edinburgh. We could not have done this without the lovely people at CX Collective, Digital Six and Trustpilot. Let me run you through the format:

It’s really informal and it’s in a bar after work.

We talk about eCommerce because your other half probably has little to no interest in eCommerce no matter how much they love you. And sometimes you need to talk shop. Or shopping. It’s too easy to become siloed in the trade and fresh ideas can make a significant impact on how well you do your work.

We have 4 presentation session. They are 15 minutes long. Short sharp and to the point bursts of knowledge, insight and experience.

There’s no selling either. Why would you give up your time to be sold to? We do welcome sponsors though. It pays for beer or wine.

Our inaugural session was just what we like it to be; smart, fun and to the point.

There were four speakers. We’ve collated the decks for you. Of course these are just the basis of the quite remarkable content, which was delivered by the person. We will try and video next time. But for your reference, here’s the decks and the speakers. By all means contact them directly if your interest is piqued.

Headless eCommerce in 2022 Headless Ecommerce : Tony Garthwaite.

eCommerce Wrapped up, the Best of 2021 eCommerce Wrapped 2021 : Alex Hogan

Data and Analytics trends in eCommerce that will be big in 2022 Data Analytics trends in Ecommerce thatll be big in 2022 – ID – CX Collective_ : Ian Daniels

If this has whet your appetite for some conversation around eCommerce and you can get to Edinburgh, we’re running another we think on the 10th February 2022. Sign up to the MeetUp Group to find out more.