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Crown Clinic is a Hair Transplant Surgery based in Manchester and London.

Head Surgeon, Dr Shahmalak is one of the leaders in his field. He has appeared several times on Channel 4 to discuss his charity work for acid attack victims and his procedures for celebrity clients including Callum Best, Didi Hamman and Coronation Street actor, Jack P Shepherd.


Given their number of high-profile clients and Dr Shahmalak’s consistent media appearances, public relations or consumer trust was never a problem for Crown Clinic. Their issues were around drawing people to their website and guiding them towards a free consultation at the clinic. Hair Transplant Surgery is a highly competitive field and customers often consider their options over a prolonged period. The website plays a key role in persuading potential clients that Crown Clinic is a trusted and reliable surgery.

Crown Clinic
Crown Clinic


PushON undertook a campaign of organic search strategies in order to increase Crown Clinic’s search visibility, traffic and conversions. Initially, all titles and meta descriptions were updated to more accurately describe the services provided and large swathes of existing pages were expanded to include more content.

In the following months, new pages of fresh content were published consistently. Content topics were selected using in-depth keyword research and by gaining an understanding of common queries around hair transplants.

This led to the creation of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ pages concerning the procedure, as well as surrounding topics such as aftercare and the dangers of travelling abroad for a hair transplant.


The content pages created by PushON performed exceptionally well, attracting new visitors and increasing form submissions.

A year on, the website has seen a 57% increase in overall keyword visibility, resulting in a 131% increase in unique visitors and a 126% increase in sessions.

Overall organic traffic increased by 183% whilst conversions more than doubled with a 203% increase in contact form submissions.

Crown Clinic

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