Ilford Photo website demonstrated on a laptop
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Ilford was founded in 1879, and became well regarded for its quality photographic film, paper and chemicals. In time the company would become associated with black and white photography, and retained a large and devoted niche customer base when the majority of casual snappers had switched to colour. Ironically, when the multinational photo consumable companies suffered through the advent of digital, Ilford held firm and is now picking up new customers who want to express themselves differently using traditional materials and techniques.

Ilford Photo website demonstrated on laptop and mobile


Ilford did have an ecommerce site, but it was a basic affair, selling products and not doing much else. The company approached PushON to upgrade the site and give it a boost.

PushON quickly recognised that black and white photography was a niche that Ilford could own if they were to make a site that was interactive and more of a destination for hobbyists and professionals alike. We made sure we designed the site to appeal to its market by making it predominantly monochrome, which gives the site a classic appearance.

Ilford Photo website demonstrated on laptop
Ilford Photo website demonstrated on mobile


Alongside a fresh Magento 2 build we implemented a set of features designed to attract photographers of all levels of experience. For the novice there is a series of helpful advice articles and videos on all aspects of photography; for experienced photographers there’s a gallery section, where users can post their work for all to see. And for everyone, there’s a magazine and inspirations section.


Ilford was delighted with the resulting site. Customers can now view instructional or inspirational content and then navigate seamlessly to purchasing the materials they need to put their ideas into practice.

Ilford Photo website demonstrated on a laptop

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