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OiPPS is a manufacturer and vendor of plastic and metal containers in the complete range of shapes and sizes. Its appeal is mainly B2B, in the manufacturing, catering, agricultural and retail sectors.

Oipps website shown on laptop and mobile.

PushON has been a trusted eCommerce partner of ours for the last 3 years since initially re-building our Invopak and OIPPS websites on Magento. They’ve been instrumental in helping us deliver growth online across both trade and consumer markets, creating business efficiencies and improving customer sign-ups. We are now working closely together with PushON to plan the next phases in our growth as a company across all our brands both for eCommerce and marketing.

Danny Brady, Commercial & Operations Manager


OiPPS has had a website since 2012 but it lacked visibility and was looking dated, partly because of a fixed-width, static appearance. It was also not using a modern eCommerce system, which made the ordering process laborious and unpredictable for customers and the company alike. They approached PushON thanks to our eCommerce expertise.

Oipps website shown on a laptop.
Oipps website shown on mobile


PushON recommended a complete, ground-up redesign and rebuild of the OiPPS website. A fresh start would allow us to tackle all the issues and ensure maximum functionality. With the company, we agreed on a Magento Enterprise Edition execution.

The rebuild was based on the following requirements, all of which we fulfilled in-house to maintain compatibility and consistency:

  • Magento Enterprise Edition installation
  • Wireframes planned by developers and designer
  • Look and feel created by our own designer based on wireframes
  • Intelligent search functionality using Apache Solr
  • Integrated Microsoft Access Warehouse Management System
  • Improved visitor tracking for SEO and CRO
  • MailChimp integration for CRM
  • Ability to mix and match many boxes and lids of different colours
  • Final transfer integration by PushON


The result was a modern, scalable, fully functional website that put the customer first and brought huge usability benefits to the company. The site is now easily updateable with new products thanks to Magento’s simplicity, and OiPPS has a detailed picture of where customers are landing and how they are progressing through the site.

The site enjoyed a 45% uplift in year-on-year organic traffic within months of launch, mainly thanks to the inherent Google visibility brought by the fresh, clean and optimised Magento installation.

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