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PureTec Fitness case study

PureTec Fitness is a company devoted to promoting healthier living, supplying the finest home fitness and sporting equipment to homes throughout Europe. Marketing brands such as Tunturi, Marcy, Everlast, Bionic Body and Steelbody, they have built a reputation for quality, service and expertise in their field.

PureTec approached PushON in 2017 facing a challenge not too dissimilar to many other retailers. They were a company who’d historically built their success on the marketplaces (Amazon / eBay) but wanted to take back control of their brand.

Fortunately, PureTec already had a website sat on www.exercise.co.uk, but it had received little investment or support. PushON consulted with PureTec to deliver an eCommerce roadmap to help take back control of their brand online. This featured initial eCommerce consultancy to establish the requirement, followed by the plan:


PushON instantly understood the vision for Exercise and as a result, have executed a ground-breaking website that perfectly aligns with the brand. They have brought our concept of an educational learning area to life with a clear SEO strategy, seamlessly integrating it with the shopping area, they have made it fully responsive, so it looks incredible across all devices.

Ben Owst, Head of Creative at Exercise.co.uk


After an initial research stage, we developed a strategy:

How do we support the existing website, or do we build a new one?

How do we provide a platform that will facilitate growth for PureTec over the coming years?

How do we market the website?

These were all questions PushON needed to address. We delivered a strategy that included:

  • Re-build the exercise.co.uk website
  • Support, grow and prepare the existing website in preparation for the new website build to migrate search authority
  • Support the website post-launch


Once the strategy was agreed, a roadmap was put in place:

  • Re-build the eCommerce website on a new instance of Magento 2
  • Recommendations to improve ranking for key fitness and exercise terms were made
  • Content strategy delivered to signpost opportunities and content direction
  • PushON marketing team working with PureTec to produce content & build-out for the new blog area
  • Technical SEO migration support during and post build
  • On-going website support and maintenance post-launch


A brand new, quick, scalable and mobile responsive website was launched in 2018 to provide PureTec with an owned brand for the coming years, and to take the reliance away from the marketplaces. This is a site that combines community with shopping, via a simple Learn and Shop UX feature – a website that educates, supports and advises customers with their requirements, and then seamlessly nudges them into a purchase. A very close working relationship with the committed team at PureTec has allowed PushON to deliver a site the client is delighted with, through extensive research, planning, and implementation.


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